MBSOP Exclusive Interview with Mick Farrell

Q1. For this weeks exclusive MBSOP interview we have none other than the MBSOP chairman/founder himself,Michael Farrell.
Mick, thanks for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to do this interview for The G-Man World blog

Cheers Gary for selecting me for this interview,i know a lot of people are on your back to get an interview as its the world stage and that,but ill always find time to work on the MBSOP and for interviews.Its what i do.Thanks again.

Q2. Beginning as what some would dismiss as barely "a bit of a laugh like", MBSOP has grown from strength to strength over the past few months. How proud are you to see how far MBSOP has come?

Yeah well i think we had to do something to add to the games we played before the MBSOP,think of it as a married couple,sex life needs a kick start now and again,i like to think of myself as the dildo that kick started the MBSOP,its what im all about like.But to answer to question,yes,im very happy at the out come.

Q3. As chairman and founder you had to organise all the rules, restrictions etc. How much pressure did you feel under to get everything right starting at day one?

Emm to be honest we all had our say on rules and that man,its a group thing so i had to get the low down off everybody,keep the players happy ya know?But being for one or two slight mistakes,its all running very smoothly.Im happy.

Q4. Are you happy with the first season/year and do you feel the other contestants/MBSOPpers are also satisfied?

Im pretty happy about how the ball is rolling yeah,i hope the players feel the same,but they all know that anything on their minds are all welcome as we can sort it out,first year of anything will have its problems,look at the first ancient olympic games.Were all good mates so problems aint a...eh, problem.

Q5. The stress and responsibility that goes hand in hand with being chairman seems to have gotten to you in the past couple of weeks with some even calling for you to step down as chairman. How have you reacted to that?

Yeah some people are not happy with me at all,no names but lets just say a certain "Mick D",actually wait,thats too obvious,lets say "M Doyle" aint too happy about me and the running of things,im not sure if its jealousy or what but im trying my best to keep things running smooth.Its not getting to me at all like.Next question.

Q6. How hard was it to hear that fellow MBSOPpers were calling for your head? You are the founder for god sakes!

I must say it was/is hard,hard because "friends" are saying all this.dont get me wrong gary,its not everyone,only about 3 or 4 of them,thats right,THEM.But im taking it with a pinch of seed i mean salt.

Q7. As regards your personal game you are still to record a single victory and as a result have no bracelets to show. Do you feel like it is only time before you get that first big win under your belt?

Im not very happy with my game at the moment i must say,i think a MBSOP bracelet is a long way away,not a very confident outlook i know but hey. I just need a win,even if its a midweek game.As paul creane said,i need my mojo back,soon.Im going to try and mix things up in the next few weeks,nothing to lose at this stage.

Q8. In saying that you are still 5th in the leaderboard with 11 points. There are a few big hitters in this MBSOP season so stepping back are you happy with how your own game is progressing?

Yeah ive placed high some weeks hence the points but you get nothing for points im afraid,its all about the bracelets.Its getting harder and harder to win an MBSOP bracelet,every week people are getting better.actually fuck my 11 points.

Q9. A reknowned avid connoisseur of pornography, do you feel this passion brings something more to your own game that some of the other players would like?

I dont thing it brings anything to my game except maybe for some sticky fingers if you know what i mean.Its a natural thing.Maybe i can take a feather out of the "actors" books and last longer in the cards.

Q10. As we all know you are affectionately known as "Goose". What are the origins of this animalistic persona?Have you always been known as "Goose"? Surely you were not christened "Goose"?

No thank allah my good parents didnt name me goose,although nobody calls me mick anymore,its either goose,kep,kepper,gos,goskep,kepper of the goslings,mother goose,wing.a personal favourite is goskepmotherbrotherbeakpenwing,its at the stage now when i walk into the room all i get is caw or bacaw.i really like it.its actually nothing to do with birds,the nickname comes from the film "topgun" you know the one with tom cruise.ive had it for years.

Q11. Any intentions of visiting Disneyland sometime soon?

Ive been there before,excellent i must say but no plans on returning soon im afraid.

Q12. So how about them fishsticks?

I know this is something to do with southpark.i do like fish.my favourite is either lemon sole or salmon.
vegetable oil, for deep-frying
For the pepper butter
1 mini red pepper, very finely chopped
1 mini green pepper, very finely chopped
1 mini yellow pepper, very finely chopped
110g/4oz unsalted butter, softened
For the fish
1 lemon sole
110g/4oz plain flour
2 eggs, beaten
110g/4oz white breadcrumbs
1. Preheat a deep-sided pan one-third full of vegetable oil to 180C/350F.
2. To make the pepper sauce, place the softened butter into a large bowl.
3. Stir in the finely chopped peppers to combine.
4. Spoon the butter mixture onto the centre of a piece of cling film. Roll out to form a cylinder shape.
5. Chill in the fridge for up to 20 minutes (or for as long as time allows) to harden.
6. Meanwhile, trim the tail and fins off the lemon sole using scarp scissors.
7. Carefully pull off the skin and then remove the head with a sharp knife.
8. Fillet the fish by running a knife down the centre bone and rolling each fillet back.
9. Tip the flour onto a flat plate. Gently massage into the lemon sole, patting it well to coat evenly.
10. Tip the whisked eggs onto a separate plate and coat the sole in the mixture.
11. Finally coat the sole in the breadcrumbs.
12. Deep-fry the sole for 6-8 minutes until crisp and golden brown.
13. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper.
14. Remove the pepper butter from the fridge and unwrap the cling film. Slice the butter into small discs.
15. Serve the butter on top of the lemon sole.

Q13. "King, King, King he's the Gosling King". Both a lovely lyric and a lovely melody.Do you agree?

Yes,i want to record that next time im in cork,i get friday right?

Q14. At least a dozen or so games have been contested at this stage. Have you felt any rivalries/friendships developing between yourself and other MBSOPpers over the months?

Emm i havent really developed any feelings i must say.the battle between mick and richie is pretty exciting stuff.I also keep an eye out for certain players,few have had bad beats in recent weeks so its nice to see these doing well.

Q15. Thanks again for taking time for this interview. I suppose it leaves
me with one last question.
So Goose............................all in?

always,every last inch,cheers man!