MBSOP Exclusive Interview with Paul Creane Part 1

Q.1 It took you a while to get a win under your belt but the second last week of March finally saw the number 1 go up beside the name Paul Creane on the MBSOP leaderboard. How did it feel to get that one out of the way?

That was a great weekend for me Gary. It was quite special as Bernard Dunne took the WBA title the night after and myself and some fellow MBSOP players were at the fight. We actually watched Ireland win the grandslam at the O2 arena aswell so it was an emotional weekend for sure. There certainly is a weight off my shoulders to get the bracelet out of the way. I hope I can bring the form of that night back soon.

Q.2 Now that number one is out of the way are you confident that you can start to gain ground on the early pace setters, messrs Thomas and Doyle?

You have to be confident. The lads have had a great start to the season it has to be said but it's a long year and one month can change things you know? If I managed to take down a few bracelets before the summer I'd be over the moon. But saying that, the competition at the MBSOP now is among the best in the world. I mean we didnt get into the O2 for the Bernard Dunne fight because we were a pack of schmuks ya know? We play at MBSOP.

Q3. Sorry to keep on about the first bracelet win so early in the interview but your game, as well as all aspects of your life seems to be mostly based on confidence. Did you feel at any stage that confidence slipping away as you saw Thomas and Doyle pull ahead from the pack?

Yeah it was tough when the lads started pull away early and some people had said to me that the word on the poker street was that I had lost my mojo. I wouldn't say I lost it. Misplaced maybe. But I have it back now and I feel good about my game at the minute.

Q4. Let's stay with the confidence thing for a minute Paul. Rumour has it that you and Michael "The Goose/Gosling King" Farrell had a serious falling out one time on the road to Cork. Speculation was rife that he, and by that I mean The Goose, even went as far as saying "Just don't talk to me for a second...". Can you set the record straight?

Thats true yeah. We were on a trip to Cork and he didnt appreciate me dominating the music. He wanted to put on Bon Jovi but I told him thats not how I roll. So we had a little bust up and your quote is a "little" off the mark. He actually asked me not to talk to him for a few minutes. It was funny. I laughed.