MBSOP Exclusive Interview with Paul Creane Part 2

Q5. And ye have put that all behind you now?

:Aw absolutely. We were clinkin glasses that night and takin the streets of Cork by storm within a couple of hours.

Q6. It has surely intensified the rivalry between ye two now, seeing as there was a tense situation a few weeks back when Goose "didn't know" what hand he had dropped on the table. Will your relationship ever be the same after that unfortunate incident?

In fairness there are nights at MBSOP when the cameras are off and things can get a little out of control. There can be lots of booze and debauchery if you know what I mean. That incident was more due to a fault in the house rules that wasnt clarified but its been sorted now and we're all the better for it. I wouldnt like to comment on what Goose did. Simple mistake. The rivalry is based on the love of the game. The need to be No 1. We're better friends today than we ever were. I wish him all the best.

Q7. What's the aim tonight?

There's one hand I want to win tonight. The last hand.

Q8. No new gameplan to really amp up the pressure on the leaders?

I'm gonna try a few things, in the midweek games maybe, but tonight Im just gonna stick with my gut. Lets see what happens.

Q9. Pre-MBSOP favourite Owen Robinson has struggled hasn't he? Ye are known to be close. Any words of wisdom for Rua?

Myself and Rua go back a long way. He has struggled to find his feet at this early stage yeah. I still fully expect him to be up there at the end though. He was the favourite and rightly so but its tough to win any game today. You wouldnt have an MBSOP seat if you werent good enough to win. He's still respected massively at the table. And he has suffered a few bad beats on the big nights too. The famous Kings Vs A3 VS A3 against Richie and Brendan I think it was. That was early and had his Kings held up that night he might have kept that form goin. Poker is a cruel lover.

Q10. Who has surprised you in the early stages?

Im surprised at Owen and Conor not takin one down yet but also Im surprised at the early start from Rich and Doyker. I mean I thought the bracelet count would be more evenly spread among all the players. I knew Doyker had a really good game but Richie really surprised me as he went from not cashing very often to improving massively and pulling away like he has now is great. he's one of the big guns at this stage. Also Emma. When we first started back in the early days she was taking down a lot of games. A lot of games. Since the start of the MBSOP she seems not to be hitting. But she has been playing really well in the last month so Im expectin to see a bracelet after her name pretty soon.

Q11. Is there any MBSOP player that you have seen improve dramatically during the first dozen or so games?

Brendan, one of the newest players here. He basically started from scratch when he came up here. And hes won....three games I think in the last few weeks. So thats how quick the rest of us have to react to a new player. Its exciting.

Q12. What has been your favourite memory so far of these MBSOP games?

My favourite is winning of course. But there has been a lot of great moments. The first night was a great laugh. The suits, the cigars, the strippers and all that. Good times. Its getting a little more intense now because theres a lot of players who want that bracelet ya know? But you can rely on Goose to provide a show stealing gaff at some stage. Ive missed the last few tournaments so looking forward to a good game tonight with some good laughs hopefully.

Q13. So.................................................all in?

Ya gotta go all in at some stage to win a game G man! Like I said earlier, I just hope its the last hand where it works best for me.