Album of the Week : Great Lake Swimmers

Over the course of four albums, Great Lake Swimmers have evolved from a sparse, delicate and hushed unit into a well-rounded band, sacrificing none of their original intimacy while upping both the volume and tempo when necessary, all the while framing the unique voice of Tony Dekker which is capable of conveying both heartache and comfort in the space of a single phrase.

Lost Channels
is the fourth album by the masters of ‘Ambient Zen Americana’ (MOJO) who tour Europe this Summer (no visit to Ireland this time I am afraid)

1. Palmistry
2. Everything Is Moving So Fast
3. Pulling On A Line
4. Concrete Heart
5. She Comes To Me In Dreams
6. The Chorus In The Underground
7. Singer Castle Bells
8. Stealing Tomorrow
9. Still
10. New Light
11. River's edge
12. Unison Falling Into Harmony