Dark Night of the No Soul EMI

The excitement surrounding the Sparklehorse and Danger Mouse collaboration set for release this Summer had just reached fever pitch when EMI turn up with the proverbial "guards rapping on the door of a party".

EMI have pulled the project and are refusing to allow the release to go ahead.

A serious disappointment (Dangermouse is supposed to be distraught as he is incredibly proud of the record) as the album, originally rumoured to be entitled Dangerhorse or Sparklemouse, was to feature the sublime talents of :

- Black Francis
- Nina Persson
- Julian Casablancas
- The Flaming Lips
- Vic Chesnutt
- Iggy Pop
- Suzanne Vega
- Ghruff Rhys

However the official Dark Night of the Soul website has intriguingly enough made a CD-R available for sale

"For legal reasons enclosed CR-R contains no music. Use it as you will"

So expect the album to be leaked onto the net sooner rather than later.

The added sting in the tail is that David Lynch, who was involved in the visual aspects of the album, had posted a video on Youtube that contained no music from the album, just his own snippets of film etc to advertise the release. EMI forced Youtube to remove this video also despite having no obvious legal right to do so. EMI be wary. Be very wary. Do not ever cross Mr Lynch.