MBSOP Exclusive Interview with Owen Robinson

Q1. Well, well, well Mr. Robinson. How does it all go on the 11th beautiful day of May?

It goes very well G-Man, it is a glorious day and as always I woke up this morning glad to be alive and on top of the world.

Q2. I am delighted to say that you are the fourth MBSOP player exclusively interviewed for the G-Man world blog. What would you say makes you stand out amongst the other MBSOP players as regards your playing style and technique?

Well it is an honour to be interviewed for your blog G-Man but if you'll forgive me saying it is really the video interview that only an MBSOP winner gets that I really want. That's an interview that has to be earned. I think that I am probably more patient than most and more aggressive. I think that I am quite adaptable; I feel like I know when to sit tight, and when to get moving depending on what the situation dictates.

Q3. Now five months into the MBSOP debut season, a few players have already staked their claim for the first ever MBSOP champion, namely messers Thomas, Doyle and Creane. Do you feel that the title will be going to one of this trio or is it simply too soon to tell at this still relatively early stage in the season?

Frankly I would be surprised if the winner came from outside those 3. Going back to what I said earlier, those 3 have all realised how important it is to be aggressive and none of them are afraid to get their chips in the middle. That's what sets them apart from the chasing pack for me. It is a long season and there'll be changes in the leaderboard yet but at the moment I would definitely have those 3 as favourites.

Q4. Seen as one of the more senior players with your interest in poker in general developing before most other MBSOP players, can you tell how you first caught the bug that is the game of poker?

I started playing when I first got back to Wexford from Galway on Wednesday nights just as an excuse to socialise, and it was a lot of fun. We were all clueless but I seemed pick it up a little bit quicker than some and won a few of those early games. At some point I made a $10 deposit online, played freerolls, played small sit n' goes, would win for a little while & then go bust. That happened 4 times and on the 5th $10 deposit I managed to win a $2 multi table tournament for like $300 and never looked back really.

Q5. The "Christmas game" in Pineridge was pretty much an underground card game but still revered amongst other Wexford card players.
Have these games finished and if so do you ever see it returning?

The first big Christmas game we played was a €20 10 man tournament and it was winner takes all. The idea was that one of us would have a good Christmas and the atmosphere was really top class. It hasn't been as regular a tradition recently but I still think there is always a good buzz when a larger crowd gets together for a game and I'd love to see a bunch of us carry that on again this year and I know that with the formation of the MBSOP that will be the case for years to come.

Q6. Who were the regular contenders every Christmas?

The likes of Kieran Kenny coming down from Dublin specially for the game was one of the things that made that game such fun. People like Seamus Turner, John O'Connor, Bernard Wadding, Paul Moroney (an excellent card player) Brian and Lorcan Kavanagh, and Darragh White all made that game one to remember. Darragh recently played a midweek game with some of the MBSOP regulars and I think the lads got a flavour for what he brings to a game. He is maniacally aggressive and loves to run big bluffs on people, that creates a lot of action so it is always a good game when people like him are in the mix.

Q7. One of the touchiest points when it comes to your own MBSOP game is that, although touted as one of the pre-tournament favourites,you are yet to register a single win in the MBSOP season. Where has it all gone wrong?

I hate to make excuses but unfortunately I haven't been able to play in as many MBSOP games as I would like this year and I haven't had the cards fall my way when I have played. Emma 'Game Face' Murphy has been particularly torturous to me. I understand that luck or as I would rather put it, variance, plays a large part in any game so I need to be playing more regularly to let that balance out. I would also be the first to admit that I haven't played my best in every game, I haven't even cashed in any of the ones that I have played. I would go out on a limb though and predict that the first points that I do put on the board will be 1st place points, I want to take one down, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Q8. I know it is tough to say out loud but is it possible that you under-rated some of the other less experienced players?

Absolutely not. The lads have all greatly improved and I have respect for their game. Gone are the days when I could get hammered, puke out the back of Mick's, fall asleep for an hour while I am blinded off and still come back in to win the game. But honestly no, I never underestimated any of the MBSOPers.

Q9. Is a bracelet in sight for "Rua" within the month of May?

If I get to play this month then I would like to think so, but whether I do or not is another thing. I'm not interested in hanging in there for 2nd or 3rd place, I'll always be going for the win.

Q10. Of course there are many and it would be difficult to name one as the sole favourite but can you recount for us the outcome of a memorable hand played so far this season. Step by step if possible...

There is one hand that Paul referred to in his interview that sticks in my mind but I am not going to tell any bad beat stories. There was one hand where I reraised Barry preflop with 10 9 o/s when he had KK. I managed to fire three bullets on the flop, turn and river to get him to lay it down when I had missed but if anything that shows how much Barry has improved that he realised I had the nuts or nothing. On that particular occasion I had nothing.

Q11. Excellent. If you are not to go on and win it yourself who would you like to see go on and take the virgin MBSOP title?

I think that considering the amount of effort that Mick Doyle has put in to making the MBSOP a success he would be a fitting winner.

Q12. And who do you think will take it?

I am going to say myself, no point in taking part if not.

Q13. Favourite artist to play poker to?

I listen to a lot of music while playing poker; it is mostly mellow music to keep me calm. At the moment it is James Yorkston but also something like Al Green or even Bjork. Mellow but upliflting.

Q14. MBSOPers need their rest to take their mind off the pressures of the game. A rumour of a camping trip to Cork this weekend is currently doing the rounds. Do you see yourself Leeside this weekend?

I had heard about this and I may well put that proposal to my beautiful girlfriend Triona. I would just like to point out that while it is true that spending time with her has taken away from MBSOP game time, she always encourages me to go and play even when she is in Wexford, even if she is only saying it to be cool so thanks for that.

Q15. So Owen.........all in?

All in. And if you can't take the best of it, take the worst of it.


  1. Im not just saying it to be cool, i want him to win an MBSOP game!! :)

  2. No bias in any way either I suspect Triona!!!!

  3. No not at all Gary! :)
    I also know how much he loves playing so i want to be as supportive as i can. I hope he plays in the next one.


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