G-Man (I Wish It Wasn't) Joke of the Day

As you may or may not know Farrah Fawcett, the original Charlie's Angel herself died on the same day as Michael Jackson...

Obviously this is a tough time for her husband, Ryan O'Neal but his attempts at relieving the grief only made matters worse.

A young blonde approached O'Neal on the day of the funeral to offer her condolences and the ritualistic "If there is anything I can do just ask." O'Neal of course swooped in by asking if he could buy the young lady a drink and, naturally she said yes.

During the "one drink" O'Neal asked the girl if she had anywhere to stay and informed her that she could stay with him i.e. the old man was turning on his most famous lines.

The mood was killed when the girl asked him "Daddy, don't you not recognise me?". It was his daughter who had been living in Sweden for years. Christ.....


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