The Word From Myspace

After years of Myspace membershipand subscribing to the various blogs of artists, record labels, festivals etc. the sheer volume of update emails that I receive to my inbox is getting a little silly. The solution is pretty simple : unsubscribe.

However I will take a different approach and share all the "news" with yourselves!!

So what is currently happening with bands according to their Myspace :

The Magnetic Fields :

Listen to Stephin Merrit & Claudia Gonson play Seduced And Abandoned recorded live on NPR! The pair also speak of "Realism", the new Magnetic Fields album released in January.

Check it out here.

Gemma Hayes/Iain Burgess :

Gemma Hayes' shares some very kind words for the late Iain Burgess who has recorded The Frames, Redneck Manifesto and Gemma herself in the past.

"Hi Everyone.
A very kind, warm hearted, talented man died on February 11th. He created from his heart by using his hands a magical studio in France called Black Box. It is here that so many musicians like myself were able to write and record our music in the most awe inspiring of settings. Iain Burgess was truly extraordinary. He was one of the most talented engineers of our time and a good, decent human being. Please take a moment to check out his facebook page."

Fanfarlo :

Have announced that a new, live, six-track E.P. is available via Itunes.


1 Comets
2 Finish Line
3 I’m A Pilot
4 Harold T. Wilkins, or How to Wait for a Very Long Time
5 Ghosts
6 We Only Come Out At Night

The band also made their debut on the David Letterman show in the U.S.

She Keeps Bees :

Currently in the middle of a European tour, Jessica and Andy have been backdropped by some impressive visuals.

The guys namecheck the person responsible for this, Jessica Lauretti, and her band, This Frontier Needs Heroes.