Road Records Album of the Week

Another Irish artist proudly boasts the Road Records Album of the Week tag this week with the release of Redneck Manifesto's Friendship. After a long deserved break I can tell you first hand that the lads are back to their best and the new material is sounding great live which I witnessed first hand in Cyprus Avenue, Cork last Saturday night.

The Road Records Review :

"Brand new album from one of Irelands very finest instrumental post rock outfits. It's hard to believe this is their first album in nearly six years now, the last album I Am Brazil was released way back in 2004, for some reason it just doesn't seem that long. The album was recorded in Blackbox Studios in France and is probably their first to really incorporate the keyboard sounds of fifth member Neil O'Connor (aka Somadrone). It's definitely an album much more based on krautrock-like rhythms, it's still jam packed with intricate post rock guitar interplay but this one has a real motorik-like groove provided by some sublime drum and bass action.

If anything this album sounds more like the Redneck Manifesto jamming with Can or Neu, the lush analog synth sounds really do add a whole new dimension to their already rather complex sound. This truly is pure heaven for lovers of either intricate post rock or trance like krautrock from one of the finest in ireland (if not worldwide). It may not have the same raw edge of their first album but i think you will find this is up there as one of their finest, if not their best so far. The album comes in a lovely embossed digipack sleeve. march 2010"

Order Friendship for €13.99 from Road Records here.

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*Julie and Dave's Road Records, the amazing independent Dublin record store situated on Fade Street, survived a closing down scare at the end of 2009 but, thankfully, with the help of alot of friends, music-lovers and local musicians the shop is now over the worst of it.

One idea that has helped the lads through these times is a very simple one. An album of the month subscription. Basically the customer pays a membership fee and Road Records post out their album of the month every month.

Check it out here.