Catch Up Time!!!!

Hey folks!!!

For anyone that happened to miss me I have been couch/bed-ridden for the past week and a half due to a crocked ankle. A lack of working laptop kept me off of my pc so that was a pain. A lot seems to have gone down since I have been away so gonna do a quick run-down below.

Volcano Woe
Lots of postponed/cancelled gigs around Europe but everything seems to be back in order now.

Neon Flea Circus
Following on from my recent article on Creative Commons (which you can read here) Cork-based band Neon Flea Circus have made their debut album Fistful of I-O-Us available for stream via their website but will be downloadable for free come May 6th. For those who like the more tangible formats, physical copies of the album may be purchased after from that date.

Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder will definitely Dublin’s O2 on June 24. Tickets go on general sale on Thursday April 29.

Bell X1
Will make their only Summer appearance at this Summers Oxegen festival.

and loads more I am sure ye know about but for now I will leave it at this