Road Records Album of the Week

Todays Road Records Album of the Week is Extra Wow from American band, Nice Nice.

The Road Records Review :

"Brand new album from this Portland-based outfit, now signed to the highly respected Warp label. their previous albums were on the temporary residence label. The album features the recent singles "One Hit" and "See Waves." The album features a truly wonderful and hypnotic collection of almost psychedelic-like dubby electronic / no wave sounds. Imagine the likes of Animal Collective or Panda Bear given the dubbed up treatment by Lee Perry, and that's just for starters. The album features a collection of psyched out sounds drenched in fuzzy reverb, it's full of moog-like sound effects and trippy guitar interplay. It's almost bordering on something I would describe as dubby krautrock if that makes any sense to you. A wonderfully hypnotic collection of sounds that really doesnt sound as strange as it may do here."


01. Set and Setting
02. One Hit
03. A Way We Glow
04. On and On
05. Everything Falling Apart
06. Big Bounce
07. See Waves
08. A Vibration
09. A Little Love
10. Double Head
11. Make It Gold
12. New Cascade
13. It's Here

Order Extra Wow for €15.99 from Road Records here.

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*Julie and Dave's Road Records, the amazing independent Dublin record store situated on Fade Street, survived a closing down scare at the end of 2009 but, thankfully, with the help of alot of friends, music-lovers and local musicians the shop is now over the worst of it.

One idea that has helped the lads through these times is a very simple one. An album of the month subscription. Basically the customer pays a membership fee and Road Records post out their album of the month every month.

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