Ping Pong Shows

For anyone desperate (that may be a tad dramatic but interested could also be used) to find/see/hear some new, interesting, quality live music in Cork but is a bit wary of shelling out big bucks for unknown bands in established venues then I seriously recommend keeping an eye on the Ping Pong calendar.

Electronica is regularly the theme of the night with as much thought put into the support acts as the headlining artist. I rarely commit recommendations to regular nights but anything with Ping Pong attached is definitely worth checking out. It may not always be your thing (but sure isn't that why we love music) but it can never be denied that you do not always have an interesting night. To be honest it is usually bloody class but I was trying my best to restrain myself...

Recently Marvin (France) rocked The Quad on Tucky Street

May 30th :
Stellar OM Source play Fred Zeppelins this Sunday with Cian Nugent and Boys Of Summer.

June 11th :
Cap Pas Cap with Toby Kaar play The Quad for FREE.

June 23rd :

Lucky Dragons (Californian Trance) hit the Triskel Arts Centre, (located in the ESB substation, Caroline St) with Persons/Tarseer.

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