Road Records Album of the Week

Road Records Album of the Week is Micah P. Hinson And the Pioneer Saboteurs.

The Road Records Review :

"The fourth full length solo album from Texas based singer songwriter Micah P. Hinson. The album features string arrangements by Eric Bachmann and members of Techanko, Devotchka and Crooked Fingers. This is his first collection of new material since the Red Empire Orchestra album back in 2008.

The first thing you will notice about this collection is the truly lush orchestration involved, it's quite a different beast to the totally stripped down sounds of the previous outing. The album kind of hints at times of a folk singer playing the spaghetti western soundtracks of Ennio Morricone with Richard Hawley and Calexico hovering around in the background. It's a really beautiful meeting of rough rustic folk sounds and big blasts of strings and brass.

There are also a couple longer tracks that go into some kind of weird almost psyche folk like noisy jams, almost sounding like Bonnie Prince Billy jamming with Godspeed You Black Emperor. Never one to rest on his laurels Micah P has come up trumps yet again."


01. A Call To Arms
02. Take Off That Dress For Me
03. 2's And 3's
04. Seven Horses Seen Or Through The Hours, Still Comes Another Day
05. The Striking Before The Storm
06. The Cross That Stole This Heart Away
07. My God, My God
08. The Letter At Twin Wrecks
09. Watchers, Tell Us Of The Night
10. The Hero Will Never Hang
11. She's Building Castles In Her Heart
12. The Returning

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