Road Records Album of the Week

Road Records Album of the Week is Shadows from Teenage Fanclub.

The Road Records Review :

"One of our all time favourite bands finally return with their first new album in nearly five years. The album is released again on their own Pema label.
The album features twelve brand new tracks including the recent single "Baby Lee". What can i possibly say about a Teenage Fanclub album that you don't already now.

The facts are it contains twelve classic slices of pure sunshine pop sounds, really is there anybody else better at this kind of jangly guitar music out there. Some of the tracks feature brass and strings, some of them dont. These guys are blessed with three of the finest songwriters around at the moment, not to mention three of the finest singers too. The album kind of sounds a bit like Teenage Fanclub, probably falling somewhere between grand prix and songs from northern britain. Basically its yet another superb collection, buy it and try not to smile from start to finish."


01. Sometimes I Don't Need To Believe In Anything
02. Baby Lee
03. The Fall
04. Into The City
05. Dark Clouds
06. The Past
07. Shock And Awe
08. When I Still Have Thee
09. Live With The Seasons
10. Sweet Days Waiting
11. The Back Of My Mind
12. Today Never Ends

Order Shadows for €13.99 from Road Records here.

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