Band of Horses Video

April Artist of the Month Band of Horses have officially released the video for their new single "For Annabelle" via a fansite.

Check it out at

"For Annabelle" is the second single from the bands third album, Infinite Arms.

For those out there lucky enough to get tickets BOH play the Tripod in Dublin tonight.


  1. Tripod gig was stunning, Funeral was a perfect moment in time :)

  2. That's great to hear Jennifer. I still have not had the chance to check them out live but was hoping they would be supporting Pearl Jam at the end of the month (as they have been supporting on the US tour).

    Did the new stuff come across well?

  3. Heard that and was just thinking how great a combination that would be, yeah the new stuff sounded great, they appeared modest about it, as if almost assuming no one would have known it yet! But the crowd showed that just wasn't the case :)


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