Road Records Album of the Week

The G-Man and RR are on the same page again this week as the Road Records Album of the Week is Pigeons from Here We Go Magic.

The Road Records Review :

"Here We Go Magic are a five piece band made up of members Luke Temple, Kristina Lieberson, Michael Bloch, Jennifer Turner and Peter Hale. This is their second full length album to date, their first album came out in 2009 on the American indie label Western Vinyl, this one comes courtesy of the Secretly Canadian label.

The first album was much more of a one man in his bedroom style affair compared to this full blown band affair. The sounds on this one are much more expansive and full but it still retains that kind of hypnotic almost krautrock pop like feel. It's an album of ever changing moods and sounds, at times sounding like some kind of krautrock/synth pop hybrid with elements of intricate post rock guitars before then heading into a beautiful lush world of almost space rock like ambience.

There are also odd hints at something that would best be described as electronic punk funk, its kind of almost new wave but with a much more synth like slant to it. And then just to confuse you even more, by the time you hit the middle of this album you get a totally guitar led track that could easily be some long lost galaxie 500 outtake.

I have to say i love when an album like this arrives in the shop, it genuinely refuses to be pigeonholed in any way, hence the title maybe and thats always a good thing in my opinion. Go ask your local shop if they have anything in the futuristic psyche pop no wave punk funk krautrock genre and they will finally be able to furnish you with a gem of a new album."


1. Hibernation
2. Collector
3. Casual
4. Surprise
5. Bottom Feeder
6. Moon
7. Old World United
8. F.F.A.P.
9. Land Of Feeling
10. Vegetable Or Native
11. Herbie I Love You Now I Know

Order Pigeons for €12.99 from Road Records here.

Official Myspace :

*Julie and Dave's Road Records, the amazing independent Dublin record store situated on Fade Street, survived a closing down scare at the end of 2009 but, thankfully, with the help of alot of friends, music-lovers and local musicians the shop is now over the worst of it.

One idea that has helped the lads through these times is a very simple one. An album of the month subscription. Basically the customer pays a membership fee and Road Records post out their album of the month every month.

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