G-Man Artist of the Month (August) : Jonsi

Five albums into the discography and thirteen years since Von was released way back in 1997, 2010 was supposed to see Sigur Ros bounce back into life with a sixth, glorious album. Obviously something was not right so, rather than force a new recording into being, it was announced that the Icelandic quartet would shelve what they had, putting Sigur Ros on hiatus allowing members to spend more time with family and pursue other solo projects.

Lead singer and guitarist (or violinist some may proclaim) Jón "Jónsi" Þór Birgisson decided the time was right to release his very own solo ideas upon the musical world. The steps to be taken in this direction would not be too alien to him as Riceboy Sleeps, a collaboration between Alex Somers (Jonsi's long-term partner) and himself, had just been released in the Summer of 2009. More a Sigur Ros soundtrack than anything else the release can still hold its own amongst the SR back catalogue.

Go was released in April 2010. What was instantly most noticeable was the fact that Jonsi was singing in English rather than in Hopelandic like on all previous Sigur Ros recordings. More upbeat, pop-influenced, and allowing the frontman the chance to do something a little different to what had come so naturally to him Jonsi took the album on tour almost immediately and has been winning over audiences all across the U.S. and Europe. Check out Go Do below!!!

Jonsi will play this years Electric Picnic in September.

Official Website : www.jonsi.com
Official Myspace : www.myspace.com/jonthorbirgisson

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