That Drummer Done Good : New Album from S. Carey

The release of All We Grow by S. Carey at the end of August is another album that slipped by me as I galavanted around festival land.

Most of us probably know him better as Sean Carey as drummer/pianist with Bon Iver, Carey has released an album that would give no impression that the two vehicles are linked with the album as much strategically planned and penned as "For Emma, Forever Ago" was raw and guttural. Surprisingly, for an album from a classically trained drummer, piano dominates the majority of the album and first listen has me mightily impressed.

Full track-listing for the album :

1. Move
2. We Fell
3. In The Dirt
4. Rothko Fields
5. Mothers
6. Action
7. In The Stream
8. All We Grow
9. Broken

*Anyone living in or visiting Cork can pick the album up in Plugd Records now located in the ESB substation on Caroline Street (facing Cyprus Avenue).

"Mothers" & "Action" (live) S. Carey from Sean Carey on Vimeo.