The G-Man Random 5

Every week I will place my mp3 player on random and list the first five songs to appear accompanied by whatever thoughts/feelings I may have to share regarding the track in particular. Readers may find this extremely boring but maybe one track per week may catch your fancy.

The G-Man's Random 5

1. Song : Summer Fades
Artist : The Smoke Fairies
Album : Through Low Light And Trees
Year : 2010

I got to see Katherine and Jessica perform this at this years End of the Road. "Dark Folk" has been bandied around whenever The Smoke Fairies are mentioned. I suppose I just did so myself...

2. Song : Man Will Do Everything
Artist : David Byrne and Fatboy Slim
Album : Here Lies Love
Year : 2010

Both the oddest collaboration and concept album of 2010. British soul-singer Alice Russell appears on this track as Imelda Marcos, the albums heroine. Modern disco at its best.

3. Song : Last Train
Artist : Mavis Staples
Album : You Are Not Alone
Year : 2010

Legenday Staple Singer joins up with Wilco leader to record. Another unlikely mix but not so off the wall as the previous tune. This track was penned by legendary song-writer Allen Toussaint.

"Huffing and puffing like a choo choo train"

4. Song : The Party's Over
Artist : Phosphorescent
Album : To Willie
Year : 2009

Like every other song on To Willie this is a Willie Nelson cover. Excellent song. Excellent album. After this Summer and the release of "Here's to Taking It Easy" these blokes are my current favourite band and will support The National in the Olympia in December. The video below is the only one I can find of this track so you may want to skip in a minute or two.

5. Song : Crooked Teeth
Artist : Death Cab For Cutie
Album : Plans
Year : 2005

An official video at last! You either love Death Cab or you hate them. Or think they are alright. One of the best tunes on 2005's Plans