Jónsi Live Release

Potential Best Album of 2010 Go from Sigur Ros frontman Jónsi is to be followed up with a live release simply entitled Go Live.

The package contains a full concert cd (recorded live in Belgium) containing live versions of every song from Go as well as five previously unreleased tracks.

The full listing for the cd is as follows :

01. Stars in Still Water
02. Hengilás
03. Icicle Sleeves
04. Kolniður
05. Tornado
06. Sinking Friendships
07. Saint Naive
08. Go Do
09. Boy Lilikoi
10. Animal Arithmetic
11. New Piano Song
12. Around Us
13. Sticks & Stones
14. Grow Till Tall

The package also contains a live DVD and sixteen page booklet containing photos and other momentos from the 2010 tour. November 29th is the universal release date.

DVD Listing :

01. Hengilás
02. Icicle Sleeves
03. Kolniður
04. Tornado
05. Sinking Friendships
06. Go Do
07. Boy Lilikoi
08. New Piano Song
09. Around Us
10. Volume Pedal Song
11. Grow Till Tall



'go live' preview from Jónsi on Vimeo.