The G-Man Random 5

Every week I place my mp3 player on random and list the first five songs to appear accompanied by whatever thoughts/feelings I may have to share regarding the track in particular. Results can vary but that is the magic of...

The G-Man Random 5

1. Song : Armchairs
Artist : Andrew Bird
Album : Armchair Apocrypha
Year : 2007

Sometimes you hear words that make you just want to sit the lyricist down and stare at them.

"I was a cartographer
of the tangles in your hair"

2. Song : Picture This
Artist : Blondie
Album : Parallel Lines
Year : 1978

I may be slightly above average height but I still would not consider myself a massive Blondie fan but my lips and cheeks do renew their friendship and form a wry smile whenever Debbie and team appear.

3. Song : Strange Eyes
Artist : The Magnetic Fields
Album : 69 Love Songs
Year : 1999

Discover the playlist Random 5 - Strange Eyes with The Magnetic Fields

4. Song : Babyohbaby - Ijustcantstanditanymore!
Artist : Here We Go Magic
Album : Here We Go Magic
Year : 2009

Youtube you fail me damn you!!!!!!

Check out a live performance from the band below and try to get the "feel" for the track :|

Here We Go Magic live at the Guest Apartment
Uploaded by baeblemusic. - Explore more music videos.

5. Song : I Need You
Artist : The Kinks
Album : The Ultimate Collection (appeared on re-issue of Kinda Kinks)
Year : 1965

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