The Return of Other Voices to RTE2

It seems a long time ago that Glen Hansard first presented a new Irish music show based in a small church in Dingle, Co. Kerry. Now on Season 9 the show has grown to such a stature that it can now attract acts such as Electric Picnic Mainstagers The National who perform on episode one of the show on Wednesday (16th Feb) night.

The first episode will also feature performances from both Anna Calvi and James Vincent McMorrow.

Annie Mac, now in her third year presenting the show gave an interview this week to Harry Guerin on what it means to her to present the show and what we can expect from the new season. Read the interview on the Other Voices blog here.

The new series of ‘Other Voices’ begins on RTÉ Two on Wednesday, 16 February at 11:45pm.


  1. Would instill rage that this kind of of show is aired so late, can the beautiful music not be brought to the masses? RTE says 'No'

  2. Pretty sure it was moved to a 9/10 slot a few seasons back but they didnt get enough viewers. If i remember correctly they didnt have a great line-up that year though.

  3. Actually did you see this last night?

  4. Shame indeed, friad the late hour put it out of my reach, will have to catch it online.I've decided I'll go to dingle next year thou in the flesh :)

  5. That is one way of ensuring you catch the show!


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