John Blek & The Rats & The Flamingo?

The 30th March (Wednesday) will see John Blek & The Rats performing in Turquoise Flamingo, the (still relatively) new vintage clothes shop that opened in Cork just before Christmas.

The reputation of the store is growing mostly by the tried and tested word-of-mouth advertising with two major strengths of the store being the impressive stock and the love, care and effort put into the running of the place by the manager, Cathy. Add to that simple touches such as free cupcakes with every purchase at the turn of the year and just how well the shop looks and it will be no surprise to see Turquoise Flamingo becoming a very permanent fixture on Washington Street for years to come.  Great to see positive people thinking outside the box in these times when all we seem to hear on the news and television is how shite everything is.

The official tag :
A Vintage Hoedown! Yee Haw!

A Western themed night at Turquoise Flamingo with music from John Blek and the Rats, Free cowboy style cocktails, nibbles like Wagon Wheels, Pretzels and maybe even a hay bale or two!

ONLY A LIMITED NO. OF TICKETS AVAILABLE!!! The shop is a bit on the cosy side, but don't worry there'll be enough room to "cut a rug!"


Feel free to wear your favourite western shirt, gingham skirt or cowboy boots on the night!

So long Pardners!

Turquoise Flamingo is located at 4 Washington Street, Cork City. Tickets were €4 but are already sold out.