G-Man Playlist of the Day : Friday (WE7)

Friday is here again and, although gloomy, is pretty bloody warm. Summer approaches.

It does mean registering for the site (which is free and takes 30 seconds) so if too much of a bother please let me know.http://www.we7.com/user/view-playlist?playlistId=1661652&m=0 seems to have a far more compatible (and larger) music library for my own personal taste so let's see how it goes. Leave your comments below : yay or nay.

*Due to copyright laws etc. some tracks may not play depending on your location. Please note every playlist should have 10 tracks. If all ten do not play for you visit here to listen to the playlist directly


  1. Yay for friday, yay for playlist..your blog looks different or maybe it's just my eyes ha

  2. Nope. Nothing different at all ;) Hope you had a great weekend Frankie!


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