Tom Vek Is Back

For anyone that has not seen the news over on Nialler9 Tom Vek will finally release a follow-up to 2005's debut We Have Sound.

The title of the album, to be released in June, is Leisure Seizure and the full tracklisting can be found below. Live dates have been announced for the U.K. but none yet for Ireland or the rest of Europe. The first single, "A Chore", can also be seen/heard below!

1. Hold Your Hand
2. Aroused
3. A Chore
4. We Do Nothing
5. World of Doubt
6. Seizemic
7. A.P.O.L.O.G.Y
8. Someone Loves You
9. Close Mic’ed
10. On A Plate
11. You Need to Work Your Heart Out
12. Too Bad