Triskel and Christchurch

Saturday 16th will see the first live music performed in Cork City's newly renovated Christchurch.

A live performance of Being Dufay (see the official website here for more info.) will take the honour of opening the church (unless somebody gets in ahead on the 15th, the official opening day of the Triskel Arts Centre Hub).

EDIT : The weekend-long opening celebration will feature the world-premier of composer John Gibson’s original score, Christchurch Music. I am assuming this will take place on the Friday (April15th).

Other acts confirmed include Gemma Hayes, Lisa Hannigan and Brad Mehldau. Exciting times ahead

Confirmed so far...

Sat 16 April - Being Dufay
Fri 6 May - Lisa Hannigan
Sat 7 May - Ger Wolfe
Sun 15 May - Hauschka performs a new live soundtrack to Carl Dreyer's classic film Vampr
Wed 27 May - Gemma Hayes
Fri 1 July - National Youth Choir
Tues 13 September - Brad Mehldau


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