The G-Man Random 5

With all the music we have collected over the years it is easy to sometimes lose track of great albums that lie dormant in our collections. Every now and then I place my mp3 player on random and list the first five songs to appear no matter how odd they may be. Results can vary but that is the magic of...

The G-Man Random 5

1. Song : What Was It You Wanted
Artist : Bob Dylan
Album : Oh Mercy
Year : 1989

Dylan's first album with Daniel Lanois is considered by many to be his comeback album and "What Was It You Wanted" appears as the penultimate track on the record.

2. Song : Silent My Song
Artist : Lykke Li
Album : Wounded Rhymes
Year : 2011

3. Song : Bloodbuzz Ohio
Artist : The National
Album : High Violet
Year : 2010

I really hope that phone advert does not make me hate them :(

4. Song : Are You Experienced?
Artist : The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Album : Are You Experienced?
Year : 1967

5. Song : New Ice Age
Artist : The Horrors
Album : Primary Colours
Year : 2009

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