Review : The Black Lips in Cyprus Avenue

The G-Man Gig Of The Week definitely lived up to its billing as Atlanta Georgians The Black Lips hit Cork's Cyprus Avenue like a ton of bricks.

The band may have played to far more people in The Button Factory on Wednesday night but, as guitarist Cole Alexander excitedly stated pretty early on, there were way more people dancing on Leeside.

What was most impressive from the start was that all four members sing on nearly every track giving a great spark, energy and bite to the music. This combined with the fact that the rhythm lines for many tracks are pulled from fifties and sixties rock and roll bands makes the band extremely fun to see live. Fun and eventful.

The Black Lips are not really ones for the squeamish. Spitting on the ceiling and catching it again in their mouths before it hits the ground and removing one's self from one's trousers before preceeding to urinate on the stage and over a fellow band member were just two occurrences which have by now become expected of the foursome. It did not even some that out of the ordinary to see Jared Swilley tumbling off the stage, bass in hand with a monitor coming straight after him after just one too many crowd invasions. The crowd, still dancing and jumping and hugging and drinking, picked him straight back up and shoved Swilley (who either took the incident very well or was too taken by surprise to react) and monitor back into place. Swilley also recounted a story of how they nearly died before the show as they were driving on the right-hand-side of the road nearly resulting in their van crashing into a truck and ending up with their vehicle ploughing into a ditch!

Track of the night was between "Oh Katrina" from 2007's Good Bad Not Evil (with Swilley building the tension with an incredibly slow bass slow before the band exploded into one of their most memorable numbers) and "Bad Kids" (which saw drummer Joe Bradley takeover vocal duties) from the same album. If the four from Atlanta ever come back to Cork (hopefully they will survive that long to at least make it a possibility but if they have come this far...) I seriously recommend picking up a ticket.

Arabia Mountain, the bands sixth album, will be released on June 3rd.