Best Moment of the Weekend

I managed to fit in quite a lot this weekend with Gold Panda playing The Pavilion, Ham Sandwich out in The East Village in Douglas and then Favourite Sons (who boast Jake Clemons on saxophone) and The Frames on the Saturday night before heading on out to the HQ of Cork FM Community Radio to start learning the ropes for a possible appearance on the airwaves over the next few weeks.

Drinks and a lot of laughing with good people, hearing a phonecall from one of my heroes, conversations with a couple of guys who have forgotten more about music than I may ever possibly know, hearing a Rollerskate Skinny song live as Ken Griffin and his new Favourite Sons appeared on-stage with The Frames. Yes it was quite a good weekend.

Yet none of the above brought as wide a smile to my face as the sight and sound of Graham Hopkins seventy-year-old father Dessie appearing on his sons drumkit to play the band out on "Star, Star" and boy did he give it socks.

Check it out at approximately 2mins and 48 seconds in to the below video.