The G-Man Heads to the G-eatre! No? : Man Of Valour Premiere

The week commencing Monday June 20th was always going to be about expanding my horizons and trying a few new things. As I type this I have so far done very little as regards expanding anything except maybe my waistline as I ate a little too much in Tribes yesterday evening. I did manage to finally watch The Devil and Daniel Johnston though so that surely has to count but any real success can be judged on how the second half of my week unravels. I have already blogged about Tomorrow In A Year which I am looking forward to attending on Friday night but Thursday night is all about the theatre.

Man Of Valour, presented by The Corn Exchange, will open in The Everyman Palace on Thursday night (June 23rd) and a recent review from Peter Crawley of The Irish Times (who sat in on rehearsals recently) gives the impression the show, which features as part of this years Cork Midsummer Festival programme, will be more Hollywood-spectacular than standard theatre.

A quote from the shows writer, Michael West, and director, Annie Ryan :
“It should feel like you’ve sat through a Jerry Bruckheimer movie,” says West. Ryan counters, “I guess because we’re too old and I’m female, we want it to have substance and resonance as well.” West continues, “The real thing is that you have to have a story and that is the hardest thing of all.”

For years I have planned to more frequently visit shows in places like the magnificent Everyman Palace but for one reason or another I have always let these plans slip by the wayside. Man Of Valour looks like it could be a real gateway to the theatre for people like myself so fingers crossed Thursday night lives up to the all the hype.

Man Of Valour opens on 23rd June at 8pm and will run until the 26th. (23-25th 8pm, 26th 3pm) .
Ticket prices range from €20-€25 and can be purchased from the Cork Midsummer Festival box office (located in the Triskel Arts Centre on Tobin Street), the official CMF website and from the Everyman Palace's own box office on MacCurtain Street.

Click here to read about Man Of Valour on the official Cork Midsummer Festival website