The G-Man Random 5

With all the music we have collected over the years it is easy to sometimes lose track of great albums that lie dormant in our collections. Every week I place my mp3 player on random and list the first five songs to appear no matter how odd they may be. Results can vary but that is the magic of...

The G-Man Random 5

1. Song : This Is It
Artist : Ryan Adams
Album : Rock & Roll
Year : 2003

2. Song : Reason To Believe
Artist : Bruce Springsteen
Album : Live 1975-85
Year : 1986

Not quite exactly the version that appeared but still good.

3. Song : Dirt In The Ground
Artist : Tom Waits
Album : Bone Machine
Year : 1992

4. Song : In Hiding
Artist : Pearl Jam
Album : Yield
Year : 1998

Excerpt below is from the DVD Single Video Theory.

5. Song : Pots & Pans
Artist : Les Savy Fav
Album : Let's Stay Friends
Year : 2007

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