Help Ten Past Seven Make A New E.P.

Ten Past Seven, Cork's favourite adopted Kerrymen, have plans to record a new E.P. and they are requesting our help.

One of the best instrumental rock bands in the country (if not Europe) their performances are based on an all-or-nothing approach as the trio pump every drop of sweat and blood into a live show that hurtles along the tracks like a burning train from start to finish. The idea is to raise the funds independently via Simply read the below official statement from the band to see how you can get involved.

Hey there. Ten Past Seven want to make a new recording and we need your help!
We are an independent experimental/math rock band from Co. Kerry Ireland. In our 9 years of existence we have released 2 EPs, an album and a split 7 inch. Touring has taken us all over Ireland and the UK and included support slots for bands such as Lightning Bolt, Dj Scotch Egg, Pelican, Deerhoof and Zu.

As a band we have never asked for more than what our records cost to make. Due to the fact that each member of the band now lives in a different part of the country we have been concentrating more on writing new material than playing gigs. So, in order to create a record that surpasses all that we've done before, we're going to need your help.

This summer we aim to record a new EP. We’ve got around a half an hour of new music and want to do something special with it. We plan on recording at Black Box Studios, France with Spud (Guerrilla Sounds) and Dave Odlum. The hard-copy release will be an enhanced CD EP with the standard tracks as well as binaural and surround sound audio and video works. On top of all this we are going to be making a limited number of unique art pieces to accompany the disc only available to those who fund the project.

The idea behind funding the project in this way is to make it a non-profit release for Outonalimb Records. Also, embracing the nature of the digital age we live in, we want to be able to make our tracks available at no charge. We have decided to place the new recordings under the creative commons license allowing other artists to use our material for their own remixes, visual projects or other, without any red tape.

Digital copies of the EP will be advanced to all funders before they go public. Also as a funder you will get exclusive emails with updates and other perks such as live tracks, videos, full notation of many of our songs, information about the recording techniques and much more.

The €5000 we need will go towards studio rental, house engineer, additional mixing and mastering as well as the artwork and enhanced CDs.
You can help us by letting people know about what we’re up to and of course by funding our campaign.
It’s going to be legendary and we would love for you to be a part of it!

Thanks a million.

Click here to help fund Ten Past Seven's next recording

Ten Past Seven Promo from ten past seven on Vimeo.


  1. €1,165.78 raised, 22 days to go and 51 funders as I type

  2. And to put my money where my mouth is I went for the second option. The confirmation email is below

    "You have pledged to fund EUR 21 to Ten Past Seven want to record new music.
    by TEN PAST SEVEN for A limited and unique physical copy of the new
    recording. Something very special for those who would like a memento for
    helping us make this record a reality. Will also include full digital back

    Your card will only be debited if the project reaches its funding goal at
    the deadline.

    Here's a link to the project page to forward to others"


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