The Man Whom Helps Shine A Little Light on Wexford

Wexford native Ian Doyle, aka The Man Whom, has been picking up glowing reviews lately for his debut album The Greatest Event including a review last weekend from The Irish Times (read it here).

The latest blog/ezine to push the album with thumbs up is's resident national music expert Nay, aka Harmless Noise and you can also read that review by clicking here.

Adebisi Shank have been carrying the flag for the county for quite some time now so it is good to not only see another act from the model county but also to see the act plying his trade in a completely different genre altogether with The Man Whom more situated along the lines of pop-folk.

It's not that Wexford has never had a band/artist make any headway in the music business before. Cry Before Dawn, one of the most famous acts to come from the county (tucking two multi-platinum albums under their belts during the eighties in the process) made the decision to reform recently after eighteen years apart with shows in Vicar Street in Dublin and the Wexford Opera House. Pierce Turner and Clive Barnes   are to name but another two.

With the emergence of Adebisi Shank and The Man Whom, not to mention Wallis Bird (who has slogged it out in Germany for years before only returning home recently to some acclaim in Ireland), there is a growing, be it ever so slowly, number of Wexford artists plying their trade on the live music scene.

Possibly joining the above over the next six/twelve months could be Paul Creane & The Changing Band

Paul Creane & The Changing Band have only just released their debut album Tommy Black & The Twelve Days Of Lucy and will appear over the coming weekend at both The Helium Fesitval in Longford and the Temple House Festival. A tour is planned for late Summer/early Autumn to push their first studio album which is a mix of folk and alt-country. The band have supported The Man Whom on many occasions including his official album release in Whelan's on April 21st. Expect to hear plenty more of Paul Creane & The Changing Band over the coming months.