MTV Unplugged Unearthed

Remember MTV? Apparently the letters stood for Music TeleVision. Seriously!

For those that remember the last few years that the channel played music here is another bombshell : MTV used to play good music! Well sometimes at least.

One show that surprisingly has never been picked up by RTE or BBC or any of those channels is the MTV Unplugged series. Simple premise was that artists could only play acoustic instruments. To say this rule was not set in stone is something else as, although technically everything was amplified and therefore plugged in, some bands took the piss altogether and actually played electric guitars while filming their "unplugged" sessions.

This series of posts will attempt to link together the best of the MTV performances for those who may not have seen them before and/or those who enjoy a nice leisurely stroll down memory lane.

First up is Bjork's performance from 1994 featuring lots of brass, people playing glasses and plenty of other fantastically strange acoustic instruments. All nine songs are taken from the Icelandic magician's 1993 album Debut.

01. Human Behaviour
02. One Day
03. Come to Me
04. Big Time Sensuality
05. Aeroplane
06. Like Someone in Love
07. Crying
08. Anchor Song
09. Violently Happy