The Quad To Close

Alternative music lovers in Cork were shocked over the weekend as it was announced that The Quad, one of the best venues in the city for free gigs and supporting local acts that were a little different, is to close.

Personal memories of the Tuckey Street venue include opening my "DJ" account as a guest for Ronan Leonard's A.M.P. (see here for nostalgia purposes) back in April, Rory's (from Ten Past Seven) Zaum nights which has featured some great acts ranging from harpists and saw players to electronica, a number of acoustic gigs (including Zaum) that I have played myself (see here for the other side of my brain), drinking my brains away with a great group of people when I worked in HMV all those years ago not to mention great standalone gigs such as The Continuous Battle Of Order, Cap Pas Cap, Neon Flea Circus, Private Underground Residence, Fuzz Orchestra, Estel and plenty more.

The official note from The Quad is below :
Quad Bar is closing down forever. It's the end of an era for local cork bands, and a stalwart of the alternative scene. We'd like to thank all our loyal customers over the years. Saturday 2nd of July will be the last night ever of The Quad. We will be having one last party in honour of our regulars and friends, with a great line-up and drink deals. Keep your eyes open for further details. Thank you all.
The usual campaign Facebook page has popped up but it looks like this one has gone over the cliff already folks.