Tomorrow, In A Year To Irish Premiere in Cork This Friday

Fans of The Knife and/or electro-operas can visit Cork Opera House this weekend as Tomorrow, In  A Year  makes its Irish debut on Friday, June 24th with a second date added for the Saturday (June 25th).

Hotel Pro Forma, a Danish Theatre production company, and Sweden's The Knife have teamed up to blend a feast of visuals, theatre and ground-breaking, original music to create a magnificent electro-opera experience featuring an opera singer, a pop singer and an actor whose performances, over ninety minutes, will span the life of the earth, from the earliest geology, amoebas and insects, passing the dinosaurs, arriving at man, maybe even looking further on.

Official statement :
The Irish premiere of this acclaimed work blends Hotel Pro Forma’s striking visuals with a score by The Knife, creating a new species of “electro-opera.” The world seen through the eyes of Charles Darwin forms the basis for the performance. Darwin, time and nature are represented by an opera singer, a pop singer and an actor. Six dancers form the raw material of life. The Knife’s sound compositions, blended with the newest in light and sound technology, challenge conventional concepts of opera. The music is thrillingly experimental, with much it recorded in the Amazon jungle and in Iceland. The opera reminds us that the world is a place of remarkable similarities and amazing diversity. That over time - tomorrow, in a year, or in a million years - change is inevitable.

Featuring original music by Swedish avant-garde group, The Knife

I have yet to catch The Knife live but if as much effort is put into the stage show (and I am expecting at least double that for a touring theatre performance) as Karin Andersson and team put into the production and appearance of her solo Fever Ray tour (which I did happen to catch) then this should turn out to be a pretty incredible couple of nights.

Tickets are priced from €31-€38 and can be purchased via the Cork Opera House box office or online by clicking here.