Twenny Tow : Remember These Interviews?

I may milk this 20,000 views thing so bare with me! The most enjoyable part of writing a music blog has been people coming up to me or emailing me about a band/artist they checked out on the blog that they had never heard before but now consider themselves fans. That is unbeatable. A very close second has been The G-Man Interviews.

It all began back in December 2009 when I contacted the lovely Betty Steeles as regards doing a simple Q&A for the blog. A knockback from Betty may have resulted in me dropping the interview thing altogether but Ms. Steeles came up trumps and here I am today having interviewed the incredible The Low Anthem who recently enough in 2011 just appeared across 5/6 pages in Mojo, one of the U.K.'s best selling and respected music mags in the business.

There are more interviews in the pipeline for 2011 (as there have been none yet) but for a recap please check out the below. Enjoy! (Hopefully...)

September 8th 2010
Read Interview with Woodpigeon here.

August 18th 2010
Read Interview with The Wilderness Of Manitoba here.

March 31st 2010
Read Interview with Megafaun here.

February 24th 2010
Read Interview with The Low Anthem here.

February 17th 2010
Read Interview with Seabear here.

February 3rd 2010
Read Interview with Elliott Brood here.

January 27th 2010
Read Interview with Betty Steeles here.