Twenny Tow!!!

Wahey! Since July 2010 (when the blogger page view trackery thing went live) there have been over 20,000 views of this little ole music blog.

In reality, seeing as the blog went live back in 2009, there have been a few more views than that but I just have to take some time out to say thank you to everyone who has visited the blog over the years and to everyone who keeps coming back every week (and some even every day!).

To mark the occassion I though I would list the top five posts ever viewed on The G-Man Blog.
  1. The G-Man Album of the Year 2010 : 50-11

  2. Gig Review : The Besnard Lakes in Cyprus Avenue

  3. Cork Has Her Heart Back

  4. Review : Sufjan Stevens in The Olympia Theatre, Dublin

  5. G-Man Artist of the Month (August) : Jonsi

Oh and if anyone would like to take the Super Duper Advanced Photoshop Course that I didn't to help me create the wonderful image at the beginning of the post please let me know