Botched Fairytale

Founded by Marie O'Hara and Mariel McCormack on "a dull train journey to Galway" back in 2008, Botched Fairytale are a bit of an enigma and could possibly be described as alternative trad-punk or "altrunk"* if you will. Influences range from The Pogues and Nick Cave to poet and author Charles Bukowski. Although their musical stylings may differ from one song to another, the foundation laid for all tracks on their debut album (also called Botched Fairytale) is laced with genuity and a sense of Irishness and identity.

The album is free to download and the first one hundred physical copies were given away for free also with the idea that physical reminders of a bands existence hold far more weight than soft copies which can be ignored rather easily.

"...a collection of 12 uncompromising songs about Ireland and the people in it. These songs are full of stories, written with unflinching honesty and set in a landscape of wild and decrepit music, excess and failure, personal and political lunacy, tourist attractions, broken bottles, people and dreams."

I would like to emphasize that I do not mean in a I-don't-really-like-it-but-others-seem-to" way but the album is genuinely "interesting" as there is so much going on. The sound is rugged and harsh in places but in the best possible ways. Arab Strap playing in Tom Waits' shed after a bit of good news is what springs to mind in places.

The duo are not exactly unknown as they have previously popped up on BBC Radio 6 who described them as "just like something you've never heard before". The band have never played live and seemingly have no intentions to do so but the album alone is good enough for now!

*Pretty sure I am the first person to type the word "altrunk". Heart-broken if not...