The Cork Music Show July 24th

The Cork Music Show was a bit manic on Sunday as both Cian and Coran returned to team up with Susie Bleu and myself.

Our guest for the day was Anton from Slow Motion Heroes who was grilled by Cian on what it is like to be part of a Cork supergroup as well as the upcoming Indiependence festival. Anton also took part in The Cork Music Show Challenge scoring a mediocre 2/5.

1. Artful Renegade, Love Street 5/5
2. Bona Fide Federation 4/5
3. Alan White 3/5
4. Agitate The Gravel 2.5/5
5. Slow Motion Heroes 2/5
6. Dimitry Datus 0/5

Tune in next Sunday 4-5pm on 100.5FM if you are in the Cork area as myself and Susie Bleu play tunes from some of Cork's brightest on The Cork Music Show.

The full playlist for the show broadcast on Sunday 31st July was :

01. Ian Whitty & The Exchange : City Friend
02. Slow Motion Heroes : Tick Tock
03. Artful Renegade : We Own The Night
04. The Frank & Walters : New York
05. Pavlov's Dogs : Home
06. Toy Soldier : Battles
07. Bona Fide Federation : Festival
08. KVX : ...Lights Out. New Lantern
09. John Blek & The Rats : Take Me Home
10. Hooray For Humans : Chevy Chase