Longest Hour Of My Life But Success Tastes Sweet : Ten Past Seven Are Going Making A New Record

Much of this post is pinched from the days earlier post which in turn was pinched from a post from a few weeks back but my brain is too fried to go searching for various photos and whatnot.

When I logged on first thing this morning to check on Ten Past Seven's Fund-It progress I was a bit disappointed to see that the band had approximately €1,500 left to go to hit their target of €5,000. At 4.19pm today, with less than an hour to go (possibly just minutes), the total money contributed towards the Kerry trio's next recording stands at €5,110.

Check on their further progress here

I am too tired to blog any further on this as I have never facebooked, tweeted, forum posted and what borders on stalked in my life. Well at least in a short space of time.

Wake me up when the album is finished...