Agitate The Gravel Officially launch The Wilderness Years

Agitate The Gravel, another one of Ireland's fine up and coming young indie bands, are set to take to the Crane Lane Theatre stage tonight as they officially unveil their new single, "Wilderness Years".

The single features a revamped version of the song which has been available to stream as a demo on soundcloud for the past few months as well as an extended intro and a B-Side that is only available on the physical release. Quiet bits. Loud bits. Harmonies, riffs, a pounding rhythm section and an unrelenting energy and youthfulness that pulses like a throbbing vein throughout. Agitate The Gravel have not disappointed me with any of their live shows yet and they have followed up this ever-gathering momentum with an impressive release.

Support will be provided by Plinth and Narwhals. so expect an excellent night of free music.

The show is FREE in and should kick off at about 11.30pm.

Wilderness Years by Agitate the Gravel