The Staves

Oh the joys of twitter! Every now and again I come so close to wiping my account out as mountains of mundane and nonsensical dung is tweeted straight into my innocent brain. Every now and then, however, a little nugget of gold may fall straight into your lap as with The Staves today.

Merging three-part sister harmonies as fresh and sweet as a strawberry milkshake to the ears and sprinkled with folk and americana dust, The Staves appeared on my radar while promoting Fionn Regan's new 100 Acres Of Sycamore record, on which the trio appear, on their own twitter account.

The girls have a debut e.p. (Facing West) available to purchase if you simply send £5 (about €7) to their paypal account ( You will then receive a physical copy in the post. I'm in.