Tower Records in Dublin is 18 Today

One of Dublin's finest (and last standing) independent music stores, Tower Records, celebrates its 18th birthday today and will do so with some style with live instore music kicking off at lunchtime.

The official statement from the store, located on Wicklow Street, is below :
Well, its here, we're 18. Its almost hard to believe, as all the other Tower's around the globe have fallen, Dublin's branches have remained, and hopefully we will continue to do so for another 18 years. As I'm sure you can tell, we like a party here in Tower Records, and our 18th bash will aim to party harder than ever. 
On Thursday the 18th of August [see what we did there?] we'll be getting things started early when Michelle Doherty of Phantom 105.2 broadcasts her show, Finest Worksongs, live from the store which will be swiftly followed by nine, no less, instore performances throughout the day. We will also have a few little treats for all our customers but what exactly we have planned will remain our little surprise, for now.
The timetable for the day is :
12pm - Spies
1pm - Riptide Movement
2pm - Strypes
3pm - White Collar Boy
4pm - La Faro
5pm - Alarmist
6pm - Hot Sprockets
7pm - Miracle Bell
8pm - Declan O'Rourke

And the fun does not stop there as an after party kicks off in The Workmans Club at 10 until 3am. Entry is free to all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOWER!

*Feel free to post comments below about some good memories you may have about Tower.


  1. I might as well kick it all off.

    I was up in Dublin about two years back. I had booked holidays to visit friends but turned out no one was around, I was broke and moping around Dublin. Of course I ended up in Tower browsing through the plentitude of excellent albums on offer.

    I wandered off again for a bit. All I had was my train ticket back to Cork; I didn't even have money for a coffee. I decided to check my account just "to be sure" and lo and behold there was a load of money in my account. Turns out I got a load of tax back! Straight into Tower Records to spend over €150 on new cds. What a happy day that was.


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