The G-Man Playlist Of The Day : Revamp have gotten all uppity and changed their site possibly to their own detriment I'm afraid. First there was deezer (which is now no longer available in this country), then there was we7m (now a subscription site meaning embedded playlists is not really possible unless everyone begins to subscribe and pay a monthly fee. Highly unlikely that is going to happen. So what next for The G-Man Playlist of the Day?

Well the answer may have been sitting in front of my glazed-over face for the past six months : Youtube. I know I am not exactly breaking open Pandora's box here but a playlist compiled from Youtube clips will actually allow me to include so many more unsigned independent artists. Case in point today : John Blek & The Rats and The Man Whom, two independent Irish artists who have been steadily building a following over the past twelve months or so.

So enjoy the playlist I hope. If you are not mad on watching Youtube for an hour why not simply leave it playing away in the background as if it was audio only. Sure it is all make believe anyway right?