IMRO Showcase - Cork

The Cork leg of the IMRO showcase takes place in Cyprus Avenue tonight with five of Cork's finest acts taking to the stage hoping to take advantage of that Friday feeling, impress the crowd and open the weekend with a triumphant huzzah!

Competitions when it comes to music are a stinking pile of excrement as each band has their crowd and are almost willing the other bands to play poorly. The difference with showcases usually is to simply introduce new bands (or old) to a different audience and, with five bands involved tonight, each act will have the chance to play to four different types of crowd with a nice mix between rock, electronica and pop going on.

Those who have "liked" the facebook page (click here to make me feel nice. Like to make me feel just super!) may have seen my run-through of the line-up already so this is kind of like a summary.

The five bands involved are :

Bona Fide Federation

Website :
Genre : Pop from a classical background
Titbit : There is not a single guitar in the band! Cello, piano, bass and drums.


Website :
Genre : Rock
Titbit : Fingersmith is also the name of a BBC period drama

In Valour

Website :
Genre : Electro-pop
Titbit : The band were tipped as one of ‘The Acts to Watch in 2011’ by Dan Hegarty, 2fm.

The Empire Lights

Website :
Genre : Pop
Titbit : The band were formerly known as Love Street.

Dead School

Website :
Genre : Rock
Titbit : Taking the place of Zombie Computer who play the Arthur's Day final in Galway tonight