New Release Highlights September 23rd 2011 (September 26th for the UK)

The G-Man Release Of The Week is :

Only In Dreams by Dum Dum Girls

Keeping Wilco off of the release of the week podium is a feat in itself but Only In Dreams has captivated me from the very first listen. Momentum is the key as Dee Dee and team (and I do mean team on this album opposed to Dee Dee's solo project with additional band members which is basically what I Will Be, the Los Angeles' group's debut long player, turned out to be) hit the ground running with the outstanding "Always Looking", "Bedroom Eyes" and "Just A Creep". Dee Dee(real name Kristen Gundred)'s voice has matured into a strong lead vocal which must be apparent to her too as she strips away the reverb that soaked her output on their previous effort. Excellent album.

Stream Only In Dreams for a limited time below.

Other ditties/releases of note this weekend...

Wilco - The Whole Love : Stream the album over on NPR here.

Mastodon - The Hunter

Gem Club - Breakers

The Quickening - Remember Remember

Meg Baird (Espers) - Seasons On Earth

Plaid - Scintili

*If anyone is about Cork I recommend popping in to Jim and Albert in Plugd Records. The new store is up and running on Tobin Street as part of the new Triskel Arts Centre and you can even have a cup of tea and a bite to eat in their new café, Gulpd.

If you are located elsewhere I strongly recommend picking up at least one album when you can from your local independent store. Most independents now take orders by email and post out the stock if you are unable to get to the store so it may be worth checking out.

Current list of independent record stores in the Republic of Ireland (work in progress) :

Cork - Plugd Records -

Dublin - Tower Records -

Coming Soon :

dEUS - Keep You Close (September 30th)
Land Lovers - Confidants (September 30th)
Feist - Metals (September 30th)
We Were Promised Jetpacks - In The Pit Of The Stomach (September 30th)

Bjork - Biophilia (October 7th)
My Brightest Diamond - All Things Will Unwind (October 7th)
Jeffrey Lewis - A Turn In The Dream-Songs (October 7th)
Still Corners - Creatures Of An Hour (October 7th)
Rustie - Glass Swords (October 7th)
Wild Flag - Wild Flag (October 7th)
Ten Second Epic - Better Off (October 14th)
Forest Fire - Staring At The X (October 14th)
Tom Waits - Bad As Me (October 21st)
Lisa Hannigan - Passenger (October 21st)
Florence & The Machine - Ceremonials (Octobeer 28th)

Atlas Sound - Parallax (November 4th)
David Lynch - Crazy Clown Time (November 4th)
Kurt Vile - So Outta Reach E.P. (November 4th)
Olof Arnalds - Olof Sings (November 4th)
Los Campesinos! - Hello Sadness (November 11th)
She & Him - A Very She & Him Christmas (November 18th)
Peaking Lights - 936 (November 18th)
A.A Bondy - Believers - (November 25th)

Yann Tiersen - Monuments (TBC)

The Big Pink - Future This (January 2012)

*All dates subject to change