Slow Down, Molasses

EOTR, EOTR, EOTR. That may be all you hear about for the next week or so but it has been the same way for the last two years so deal with it (a bit harsh!). Well if you feel yourself unable to deal with my previous "outburst" maybe these guys will cheer you up.

Completely unknown to me before visiting a certain festival* last weekend one band to make a very positive impression on me was Slow Down, Molasses. I swear Canada must be pumping something into the local cereal (mutated Cheerios...) as they seem to have designed some sort of conveyor belt that continues to roll out quality acts and these folk are no different.

Hailing from Saskatoon, this nonet (or possibly septet, this has to be clarified!) of Saskatonians cite the likes of Mojave3, The Dirty Three, My Bloody Valentine, Palace Music and Mogwai as strong influences on their own music so already they are ticking boxes in my metaphorical 'ittle book; In fact it was the joyous sound of a My Bloody Valentine cover that caught my ear while I was eating a very nice crepe in the vicinity of the tipi tent on Sunday morning. Needless to say I scoffed the crepe (did I mention it was very nice?) and made my way inside to catch the end of their set.

I definitely recommend a short virtual trip over to their bandcamp page to listen to some of their 2011 release Walk Into The Sea. I do recommend making yourself a crepe before pressing play.

*End of the Road ;)


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