Download Not Pop from Slow Motion Heroes

After receiving a good official launching in Mr. Bradley's on Saturday night, Not Pop, the latest EP from Cork's very own supergroup Slow Motion Heroes has been made available to both stream and download for free from their bandcamp page.

As promised by the band themselves, the EP is a darker affair than previous EP Pop and all four tracks are driven by a clean yet menacing piano. Verdict after first listen? As the name suggests the tempo and energy has been dialled down since the previous recording yet the high standard of the songwriting remains the same with the intensity levels certainly raised a notch or two. Pop certainly went for the legs and got people dancing; Not Pop goes for the gut and the jugular taking a serious bite in the process.

"If you removed my head would you place it on the wall."

It's not going to get much airplay on 2FM but I don't listen to that station so I couldn't give a shit and I doubt the band will be losing too much sleep over it. Excellent stuff from the Slow Motion Heroes lads once again.