New Release Highlights October 21st 2011 (October 24th for the UK)

The G-Man Release Of The Week is :

Bad As Me by Tom Waits

God's no longer away on business - he has just brought out a new studio album. Lead single 'Bad As Me' sees Waits return to the clanky, stompy brilliance of Bone Machine and 'Back In the Crowd' is a tear-jerker for the more traditional ballad-lovers. Nothing remarkably groundbreaking yet will still be high up there on those end-of-2011 lists.

"There’s a battle going on
Between the blue and the grey
And if you don’t want my love
Don’t make me stay"

Take a look at the track listing, lyrics and stream a couple of songs over on the official website here or try your luck requesting a listening code here.

Other ditties/releases of note this weekend...

Lindi Ortega - Little Red Boots

Little Lie by Lindi Ortega

Deer Tick - Divine Providence

*If anyone is about Cork I recommend popping in to Jim and Albert in Plugd Records. The new store is up and running on Tobin Street as part of the new Triskel Arts Centre and you can even have a cup of tea and a bite to eat in their new café, Gulpd.

If you are located elsewhere I strongly recommend picking up at least one album when you can from your local independent store. Most independents now take orders by email and post out the stock if you are unable to get to the store so it may be worth checking out.

Current list of independent record stores in the Republic of Ireland (obviously still a work in progress) :

Plugd Records -

Tower Records -
Elastic Witch -

Coming Soon :

Little xs For Eyes - S.A.D. (October 28th)
Florence & The Machine - Ceremonials (October 28th)

Atlas Sound - Parallax (November 4th)
David Lynch - Crazy Clown Time (November 4th)
Kurt Vile - So Outta Reach E.P. (November 4th)
Olof Arnalds - Olof Sings (November 4th)
Los Campesinos! - Hello Sadness (November 11th)
Bill Ryder-Jones (former The Coral) - If... (November 11th)
Peaking Lights - 936 (November 18th)
A.A Bondy - Believers - (November 25th)
She & Him - A Very She & Him Christmas (November 25th)

Yann Tiersen - Monuments (TBC)

The Big Pink - Future This (January 2012)

*All dates subject to change
**If anything is missing please let me know, especially unsigned bands!